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You’ve been hearing them all your life. Perhaps you have used a few of them? Enough is enough. How to overcome, eliminate, conquer, crush, defeat, humble, subdue, rout, subjugate, beat up, exterminate and dispatch* all the excuses you will ever hear – or use.

Welcome, to one of the best days of your life. No more excuses!

*Yep, I’ve been at the Thesaurus again.

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 What do you hear?

  • “It wasn’t me!

  • “I’ve been out of work.”

  • “I have to wash my hair on Saturday.”

  • “Life is short, eat dessert” 

  • “Your competition sells it for less!”

  • The check (cheque) is in the mail!

  • “Not if you were the last man on earth”

  • But, I’m big boned

  • “I can get it cheaper somewhere else,”

In Tim’s talk you will hear a (short) world history of excuses as well as the top ten excuses of all time. In a special bonus, you will also hear about (hiss) the villains and (cheer) heroes of excuses.  Odds are good that you will be surprised!


Some people, hide behind an excuse…any excuse.

And some, step in front – no excuses!


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