On an early January morning in 1977, a Toronto police officer vanishes from his patrol car, setting off a massive police investigation. Within days, a distraught mother places a call to her former husband in Norway. Soon after, Gunnar Eriksen, recently retired from Norwegian counter intelligence and a WW II veteran, trained at a secret camp near Toronto, arrives in the city.

In a desperate search for his missing and estranged son, Eriksen gets assistance or crosses swords with a former stripper, a politician, veterans from his war and Vietnam, biker gangs, reporters, an ex-wife and a determined and very focused Toronto police inspector.

Great wordsmith. Tim wraps ideas into phrases that resonate with readers.

The first paragraph gave my heart a tug and I wanted more……..down the tunnel of intrigue.

Players in this story are well developed and gave me a feeling that I knew these characters.

Recommend this to thrill and mystery seekers. Well done.

Laurie Soroka

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Sample chapter one Damaged

‘Hard to put down, but not hard to get’.

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