Great knockers!


Some of you may recall the line from Mel Brook’s movie “Young Frankenstein”. Soon after arriving at the castle in Transylvania, Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) turns to the lovely Inga and says, ‘Great knockers!’

Inga said, ‘Thank you, Doktor’. But, Gene Wilder nods at the huge door knockers on the door of the castle and said, ‘I was talking about them’.

‘Great knockers’ was my reaction and my words to Dave Hopkyns of MetCredit when I spoke at a conference a couple of weeks back and saw a very clever sales and marketing tool his firm developed.


Looking like a kidnap note with the words cut out of a magazine, “You’ll never see your money again!” On the reverse side, they provide the closer to standard information, based around ‘Don’t let debt hold your business hostage.’

You are not the only one sending an e-mail to your customer. Perhaps you have a great product and service, but you still need to get their attention. Being clever helps but don’t lie or cheat. An e-mail from the lottery corporation or the ‘Center for Infectious Disease’, may be blocked and even if it does get thru – you lose all trust for the future.

You can’t use your eloquence if you don’t have their attention.

Pithy Quote of the Month: 

‘Opportunity does not knock twice.’
…Gloria Estefan