image for lies, fingers crossed

Why lie?

People lie for the most obvious of reasons – it works. If caught, ‘sorry, I feel bad and I won’t do it again…promise’.

In a recent political campaign, it appears the person who like the most, with not only little disregard for the truth, but for getting caught in a lie – tell it again – is the winner. We are a jaded bunch of course, we don’t even expect the truth during an election, it was a ‘political promise’, so we shrug, accept and carry on.

The question we should be asking ourselves, whether during an election campaign, dating or a marriage is making a decision on the truth. Maybe it is time we refuse to accept a political promise.

Easier said than done of course because during a campaign, we the voters are those who lie the most. We want lower taxes and more benefits and are willing to listen to people who say they will deliver.