The shallow end of the pool.

Fellow speaker Ian Percy wrote a book titled “Going Deep”. That’s not the case here, we’re in the shallow end of the pool, maybe pass along something you can use, but fun is the objective.

What’s in a name? How does Tonto, relate to Toronto?


Toughest bikers? If you watched the commercials of the last Superbowl, you may recognize some of these folks. They were on the sidelines when Peter Fonda walked out and into a 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster. The producers of course selected actors who would would...

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Great knockers! Some of you may recall the line from Mel Brook’s movie “Young Frankenstein”. Soon after arriving at the castle in Transylvania, Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) turns to the lovely Inga and says, 'Great knockers!' Inga said, ‘Thank you, Doktor’. But,...

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Win/win? Sure, we talk about win/win and if we can get what we want AND the other side gets what they want too...well, it's time for arms round each other and a verse or two of Kumbaya. But, let's not be naive, we want to win. Yet, stacking the odds in our 'obvious'...

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Why lie? People lie for the most obvious of reasons - it works. If caught, 'sorry, I feel bad and I won't do it again...promise'. In a recent political campaign, it appears the person who like the most, with not only little disregard for the truth, but for getting...

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Give piece a chance

Spike Lee's latest movie takes place in my old neighborhood of South Chicago. The girlfriend of a gang leader persuades other women to abstain from sex until their men agree to end the senseless cycle of violence. Not a new idea of course, it is based on the classical...

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Six Degrees of Preparation H

Everyone knows the good cop/bad cop technique in negotiations. Same goes for other common techniques or ploys it is more a matter of the degree of knowledge and use that will separate a good or average person from a negotiation superstar. The degree to which you know...

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Nashville Paradox

Giving people what they ask for doesn't always work. In the first year of the television series Nashville, one of the main characters, Juliette Barnes (ably portrayed by the actress Hayden Panettiere) has discovered that not only has her ex-boyfriend/manager stolen a...

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About Tim Paulsen

Tim has been a professional trainer and speaker for more than 20 years. He has spoken to thousands of people, all across Canada and the United States and also in: Bahamas, Bermuda, Brunei, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Kuwait, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey.

About Tim Paulsen

Tim is the author of several books including the most recent "Sex, Lies and Negotiation Techniques". He has worked with customers and clients in 24 different countries.

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