Negotiation’s Biggest Losers!

Why learn from your mistakes when you can learn from the best worst!

Negotiation's Biggest Losers - 3D image of book

This is a special section of the book, “Sex, Lies & Negotiation Techniques” due for publication in September of 2014. It is always easier with some hindsight, but still – it comes down to coulda’, woulda’,  shoulda’. A few of the special negotiation losers we deal with include:

  • Winning the war but not the peace – The Versailles Treaty
  • Winning the battle but not the war (why the Romans were like a bunch of texas cowboys who’ve had one too many)
  • Paying too much for what you don’t need – War of the Roses
  • Can’t we all just be friends? (And other mistakes by Jimmy Carter.)
  • I’d give up my left arm to be ambidexterous! Negotiating with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation when you have ‘no hand’.
  • You’re fired (and more)! Ronald Regan and PATCO (Air Traffic Controllers)
  • A very Hard Day’s Night (Brian Epstein – Beatles Manager)
  • …others

Bonus! Tim reveals secrets on how you can take lessons from the best negotiator’s in the world – free!

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