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The following sample is from the introduction of “Sex, Lies and Negotiation Techniques” by Tim Paulsen that is due for publication on September 26, 2014.

From the introduction:

  • Lying is another prime example. You will be lied to, and often by total strangers. You will also be lied to by the people you are close to; those you figured would always tell the truth, and this, of course, hurts the most. Three words to keep in mind: get over it.
  • It is not the act of being lied to that should be a concern, but rather what we will do and how we will react. By the way, the objective is not to detect lies but to discover the truth. Various studies have shown that with as little as one hour of training, people can improve their lie-detection skills between 25 to 50 percent. Even if you are a bit of a slacker and only improve by 10%, wouldn’t you agree that would improve your success?
  • But, don’t make the mistake of thinking for a minute that I am advocating that YOU should tell the truth all the time. The truth does NOT always set you free. Whether plain and unvarnished or well shellacked, the truth is often unpleasant, rarely pretty, and not always necessary.


One of three:

  • We can agree that all three of our topics – Sex, Lies & Negotiations – are important but not taught in school. O.K., perhaps we’re taught some’ negotiations in the university setting, but that’s about it.
  • You may say that sex education is taught in the schools, but I disagree. One may learn the basics of biology, but not the techniques on how to help your partner giggle with delight, curl their toes and if not howl with delight, at least leave them with a smile that may last for days. I don’t know who would teach the good stuff, the best people to write the textbooks, what the homework would be and how it would be tested, but I guarantee this: It will do wonders for attendance and drop out rates!
  • So, at best, we learn only a small portion of one topic — sex, and that one comes late. The American philosopher, Meatloaf (introduced earlier), sang another popular song called “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad”. You will notice he did not say that two out of three was great, or even ‘good’; just…not bad. One out of three doesn’t even get a mention.