Sucking on Satan’s Toe

There is a warning on the side of the box. Bold face. In Red.

This product is extremely spicy and has potential to cause serious irritation. The Toe of Satan is intended for use by adults only and should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. It is to be handled with extreme caution. CONSUME AT YOUR OWN RISK!

It’s difficult for retail operations to make a go of it in a small town and Cobourg, Ontario, where I live, is no exception. Oddly enough there is a specialty shop that appears to be successful: “Tropical Delites”. It you like it hot this is your place. There are spicy products, ranging from ‘Asskickin Beer Bread’ to ‘Slap ya Mama’original Cajun seasoning’. You get the idea.

A product advertised in their window caught my eye. The Toe of Satan is a lollipop, advertised as perhaps the hottest candy on the planet. ‘Guaranteed’, they say, ‘to scorch any mortal’s tongue!’

The Toe of Satan’s Challenge is to keep it in your mouth for five minutes. They offer a suggested scale:

0 minutes – Coward
1 minute – Wimp
2 minutes – Show-Off
3 minutes – Loss of Feeling
4 minutes – Really?
5 minutes – “This is 911. What is your emergency”

You may be thinking that it is rather silly. After all, something that unpleasant, why put it in your mouth in the first place and if you did, why keep it there? You may be right.

However, it seems to me in some of our ‘distasteful’ clients, co-workers and maybe even family, we make a decision to keep a very unpleasant and potentially damaging lollipop of boiling emotions much longer then we should. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it’s good to get a bit worked up and even emotional, but keep it too long and we’re the ones who suffer.

Next time you start getting worked up, how about asking yourself this question: “Do I want to suck on Satan’s toe – or do I want to let it go?”