Toughest bikers?

If you watched the commercials of the last Superbowl, you may recognize some of these folks. They were on the sidelines when Peter Fonda walked out and into a 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster. The producers of course selected actors who would would look tough. There was a long line of tough bikers, before the movie, Easy Rider. The classic may be Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin in ‘The Wild One’. There they are, larger than life, riding a Harley Davidson, wearing leather jackets and…no helmets.

I beg to differ. My contention is the men (women seem to know better) who ride their electronic bikes in the winter are toughest bikers on the planet. If you are cold walking, you know you’re gonna be colder on an e-bike. Lots of cold air coming at you, no windscreen to block the cold air, no engines to give off any warmth (like the wussies on the Harleys), tires too skinny to be of any serious use getting through the slush and snow. Little pedals sticking out – getting in the way. That is only the physical elements. Top it off with the fact that everybody out there hates you!

Motorists hate you because you’re difficult to see, because you’re too slow and they just know, even if the fault is yours that if they run over you and your little bike they’re still gonna’ be in trouble. Those athletic types on their bicycles hate you because you’re too lazy to get exercise or too cheap to buy a motorcycle or a car. You’ll get no respect from Pedestrians. You are just too damn quiet, topped off with the fact that you seem to choose the road or the sidewalk as it suits you. Nothing mind you, prepares you for the look of utter disdain, it is palatable, you will receive from anyone with a motorcycle, and the bigger the bike…why, you can just about feel it.

Think I exagerate? Pull up on your e-bike outside a bar or coffee shop where the big boys and girls go, give ’em the ‘hi mom’ wave…I dare you1