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For Valentine’s Day, who couldn’t use a bit more SEX, Lies & Negotiation Techniques?

Only until February 14th, order for only $15.95 with FREE shipping AND a personalized Valentine Day card that doubles as a book mark!

Use your credit card or Pay-Pal account
Choose from one of two bookmarks and give us names when you place order.
(Can send from anonymous too!)

Happy Valentine's Day Bernice!

Duncan thought you could do with a little "Sex... Lies and Negotiation Techniques."

P.S "Best Sex advice -- ever - on page 16"

Happy Valentine's Day Duncan!

Bernice thought you could do with a little "Sex...Lies and Negotiation Techniques."


Tim won’t personally deliver a Valentine’s Day card but he would love to deliver a talk at your Ifnext meeting or conference.

Find out how the Romans at the time of Hannibal could be compared to a bunch of drunk Texas cowboys, how the truth may NOT set you free, why Saul changed his name to Paul after falling off the wagon on the road to Damascus…and more. We have fun!

“I may not have the boots with me, they are not as easy to get on and off as you might think, but I would love to share the boots story and a few others with you – we’ll have fun!”
…Tim Paulsen

Contact us now to see how we may spice up your next conference.

(Boots or stethoscope? Tim says he’s been wanting to play doctor all his life. “Your Money AND Your Life”, is a one-man show with Tim as Dr. William (Bill) Passdew?-



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