Laugh your way past traditional methods
and find a way to live longer and better with less stress.

Tim Paulsen as Doctor Bill Passdew

Your money AND your life is a one man show, written and
performed by Tim Paulse as Doctor William (Bill) Passdew.

Sometimes the problem is obvious – sometimes not so much!
Doctor examining patient - can't see the obvious problem

Nobody on their deathbed wishes they spent more time at the office?
“Not true”, says Dr. Bill, “and I’ll share with you some of the other myths, fallacies and outright lies of stress and time management.”

Man 'thinking over' mugger's options of his money or his life

You can expect the doctor to touch on the following topics:

  • A little stress never killed anybody!
  • Heart attacks – Nature says “howdy”
  • Failure IS an option
  • Habits and conditioning
  • Hearing aids
  • Honesty the best policy?
  • Survival Skills
  • The insanity plea
  • The medical/financial check list
  • This will hurt me more than you (and other lies)
  • Time for a specialist?
  • Where is the pain? (Diagnosis)
  • Who needs a doctor?
  • Wholeistic medicine (the whole package)

Get your funny bone tickled and your prescription filled.
Be sure to ask the Doctor about the unconditional guarantee.

Doctor’s Orders: Ridiculam os Titillat*

*Funnybone tickled.

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