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“A master of public speaking with a clean & cunning sense of Ha Ha!”
Terrie Ann Meikle


‘Great content, delivered with charm and wit!’

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Sex, Lies and Negotiation Techniques!

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Don’t just take our word for it:

“It is easy to understand why you are in such great demand. Your ability to both entertain and educate an audience is commendable.”

Kathy Grant (Mrs.)

Seminar Committee, Toronto Credit Women International

“As someone who has attended many, many sales seminars, I always feel lucky if I can get one or two things to implement in my process. This seminar by Tim Paulsen probably gave me 10 tips and tricks that I can add to my arsenal and I’m not even in collections.

Tom O’Leary

Sales Manager, Coface

“A master of public speaking with a clean & cunning sense of Ha Ha!”

Terrie Ann Meikle


“As a Gold Advanced Toastmaster, I can’t help myself –  I am very picky about speakers – always conducting my own evaluation.  Mr. Paulsen was fantastic. He was relaxed, exhibited great timing and demonstrated a wonderful way to get a message across to us. It was Impressive! Thanks very much.”

Carol Crouse

Credit Manager, Toronto

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Biggest lie ever told by a man? Childbirth was invented so that a woman could get an idea of what it is like when a man has a cold.